Modern Magik Body Art
Professional Face Painting and Body Art Services

Lisa Rickels
Starkville, MS
(662) 574-7074

Modern Magik can provide professional face painting, temporary tattoo, natural henna, and body art services (including body painting, hair painting, beaded hair charms, and hair wraps) for your party, festival, kids night, fund raiser, flea market, store opening, company picnic, sales event, family reunion, wedding, or any event you want to make extra special.

I specialize in full WOW face painting. This is totally different than the little hearts on the cheek that you see with most nonprofessional face painters.

I only use cosmetic grade products that were designed for face and body painting, NOT CRAFT PAINT (please see the Safety Practices section for more information on safe products).

I also provide a wide variety of temporary tattoos, glitter tattoos, natural henna, hair painting, beaded hair charms, hair wraps, and body painting (within the limits of good taste).

I offer a variety of adornments and accessories including gems, wiggly eyes, and feathers that can be applied to the face, body, or hair.

I can also provide additional entertainment services, such as costumed characters, crafts, storytelling, specialty cakes, and party favors.