Modern Magik Body Art
Professional Face Painting and Body Art Services

Lisa Rickels
Starkville, MS
(662) 574-7074

Important Safety Notice:

Modern Magik DOES NOT use harmful acrylic paints or other craft paints.

Many nonprofessional cheek art face painters use these potentially harmful craft painting products and are uninsured. Modern Magik, and other professional face painters, try to educate the public on the potential dangers of using craft paints on the skin.

So, even if you choose not to use my services, make sure you are dealing with a face painter who uses safe cosmetic products and hygienic practices. Also, ask if they have public liability insurance.
Remember: Non-Toxic does not mean safe for use on the skin.
It only means it is not fatal if it is ingested.

I also ONLY use NATURAL henna. Natural henna is a greenish brown paste made of plant matter and essential oils (like lavender & tea tree oil) that is used to “stain” the skin. It creates a reddish brown “tattoo” that can last up to 3 weeks (depending on your skin type).
WARNING: Henna is NOT black. If you ever see someone using black henna, do NOT allow it to be put on your skin. Black henna contains PPD (an ingredient found in hair dye) and can cause serious burns.