Modern Magik Body Art
Professional Face Painting and Body Art Services

Lisa Rickels
Starkville, MS
(662) 574-7074

I believe in customer safety!!!

I take great pride in my work and hygienic practices. I always do my best to ensure the safety of my clients, my products, and my work area.

I use only the highest quality professional water-based theatrical make-up designed for face and body painting. My products are cosmetic grade, hypoallergenic, and contain only FDA compliant ingredients that have been tested and approved as safe for use on children. This professional make-up even contains an antibacterial agent which helps to prevent the spread of germs.

Only high quality synthetic brushes and cosmetic sponges are used for paint application. All brushes and sponges are cleaned and sanitized after each event. Any application to the lips is done with cotton swabs which are then disposed of.

Only high quality, cosmetic grade, super fine cut, polyester dry glitters and glitter gels are used.

All tattoo inks and adhesives are cosmetic grade, and can be removed with 91% alcohol, or baby oil.

I also ONLY use NATURAL henna. Natural henna is a greenish brown paste that is made of essential oils (like lavender & tea tree oil) and plant matter that is used to “stain” the skin. It creates a reddish brown “tattoo” that can last up to 3 weeks (depending on your skin type).
WARNING: Henna is NOT black. If you ever see someone using black henna, do NOT allow it to be put on your skin. Black henna contains PPD (an ingredient found in hair dye) and can cause serious burns.

I carry full public liability insurance.
**A copy of my insurance can be made available upon request for events requiring documentation.